This Growth Hacking program will help you adopt a growth mindset and acquire the knowledge needed to thrive.

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Growth Hacking / Marketing by GHU

What can you achieve as a growth marketer?

Growth Hackers do not define himself as marketers, engineers or developers. They have a lust for technology, data, quick and effective actions, meticulous accuracy of results, and perpetual optimization, leveraging them to create valuable solutions.

They learn through experimenting with different processes, using new tools, and most importantly, through failing, testing again, and subsequently succeeding

In this course you’ll:

  • Gain theoritical and applied knowledge of Growth Marketing
  • You’ll get access to valuable real-world examples and programming code that you can use to automate your processes
  • You’ll be able to apply your knowledge immediately after the course
  • You will get actionable tips and tactics that you can propose to your  marketing plan
  • You will get a tone of examples that worked (and some that failed as well) from the instructors growing companies around the globe
Program Details

Here’s what you will learn

Growth Marketer / Hacker

Create your own recipe of success

Build, analyze and optimize the marketing & sales funnel of your business. Find and calculate the conversion rates of every step of the funnel and discover which channels you can use to improve them. This theoretical lesson will help you learn everything you need to know about the marketing funnel as long as how you can build your own.

Even more we will demonstrate how you can blend technology with marketing and be the first by utilising new technologies and adopting before your competitors

What are web properties, why you need them and how you can build as many as you need in a very efficient way.

What’s the platform you need to select, what’s the pros and cons of each platform and where your focus in terms of time should be? What’s the content you need to have to support your properties

In this session, you will build your first property from scratch and you will manage to focus in the content and other elements as the on-site SEO of your property and the UX of it.

Do you think you can build a web property in 15 min?

As we saw in previous session, of course you can! In this way you can gain control of the basic element of your success, your main web property. Is that enough? No. You also need a full inbound marketing stack to support it.

During this session you will learn how to design, set up and configure the marketing stack that you need in order to raise your conversion rate. Also you will be able to understand the behavior of your visitors across the funnel and turn your web property into a growth marketing tool which will help your business grow.

Aſter creating your web property and deploying the Marketing stack you will need one more thing to be in complete control of your digital ecosystem.

You will need to create a marketing automation in order to integrate the Marketing tools. This will help you collect all the data in one central warehouse and use them efficiently in order to gain the best results.

In this session we will explain and implement the basic ideas around attribution, segmentation, custom fields and the way it needs to be configured

In this session we will also introduce you to ways to address your audience automatically via your social channels without losing your personal style and how to engage them. We will teach you about web scraping tools in order to find your audience, to monitor the prices of your competitors’ products and to understand the behavioural patterns of your clients. You will also learn how to create Viral Marketing campaigns using chatbots, tools and techniques that will make your campaign viral.

Until now you have everything at your disposal and you know how to create and grow your own ecosystem.

The only thing missing is
a) procedure
b) the appropriate growth team

In this session we will learn which should be the skills of this team, the tools that you need to use in order to be productive and how you can build such a team.

We will also identify the processes that make a Growth system work effectively and be viable for every business case.

18h Program

Remote or Physical
$ 4,700
  • up to 5 participants

18h Program

Remote or Physical
$ 6,700
  • 5 to 20 participants

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