How to nail inbound marketing


You will learn how to create engagement points, how to promote them, and how to build an automated machine that will keep the customers engaged.

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Inbound Marketing

What can you achieve as an Inbound Marketing Specialist?

Inbound marketing (opposite to outbound marketing) is the process of helping potential customers find and engage with your company in the early stages of their journey. Frequently, this should happen before the customer is ready to purchase (consideration phase). Making a user reach you early can turn into brand preference and, ultimately, leads to revenue.

In this course, you will learn:

  • About engineering-as-marketing and ways to create specialized experiences. 
  • What Karma marketing is and how it can affect your brand.
  • How to leverage competition, and get users looking for your established competitors.
  • How to leverage SEO specific features to occupy more space on Google’s first page. Features like FAQs, glossaries, reviews, and more. 
  • How to leverage keyword research smartly to select what your potential users are looking for and serve them with something you own. 
  • How to utilize specialized channels and communities for driving traffic to the top of your funnel. 
  • How to utilize virality for users to get in love with your brand and share that love with others. 

Stop selling to your customers, you just need to help them buy.

Program Details

Here’s what you will learn

Inbound Marketing

In this session, you will learn how to create smart content that will increase demand for your brand. Also, we will learn about the methodology to create and promote experiences tailored to your target persona.

In this session, you will learn how to perform keyword research and find levers that can lure potential users to your product. Learn how to get indirect (but valuable) traffic to your website. Get users to love your brand by offering smart and tailored experiences for your product or for something that would convert them to your product.

Viral campaigns, blogs, communities, and directories are just some of the traffic sources that will bring you inbound traffic. Hence, traffic interest in your brand. What do we need to offer to those channels? How do we leverage, deploy and measure the performance of our inbound channels?

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15h Program

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