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What is Growth Hacking, really?

Growth Hacking Marketing begun through tech companies like Facebook, Dropbox and Hotmail as a method and methodology to scale quickly using smart and cost-effective marketing tactics. It blends creativity, analytical thinking, engineering and data analysis to achieve any and all business and marketing goals.

Growth Hackers do not define themselves as marketers, engineers or developers. They have a lust for technology, data, quick and effective actions, meticulous accuracy of results, and perpetual optimization, leveraging them to create valuable solutions. They learn through experimenting with different processes, using new tools, and most importantly, through failing, testing again, and subsequently succeeding.

Growth Hacking FOR CEOs (Executives)

A deep-dive in all the options you have as an executive to thrill in the digital world. Speaking the same language with devs and marketers is vital to succeed and differentiate from the competition.


NYC, UNITED STATES (Timezone: Eastern Time Zone (UTC) - Open for participants from other countries


7 Sessions


18 Jan 2021

Growth Hacking FOR STARTUPS

A hands-on lesson to learn how to grow your startup, how to get Product-Market-Fit and succeed. You will learn how to discover audiences (organically) and make them convert


NYC, UNITED STATES (Timezone: Eastern Time Zone (UTC) - Open for participants from other countries


10 Sessions


18 Jan 2021

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