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Charity Wakunuma

Charity Wakunuma

Strategy| Brand |Consumer Insight| Marketing Specialist| ICCP Mentor
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I am a seasoned sales and marketing specialist with over 10 years’ professional experience in the fields of sales and marketing, business development, account management, public relations, branding, relationship management, strategy development, digital marketing, loyalty strategy development, media buying and advertising as well as customer service. I can effectively run sales and marketing operations from top to bottom by offering outstanding cross-cultural team management skills. I am a highly energetic person who prides herself on being a result-oriented leader with an eye for detail. Developing strategies across different markets/regions in Africa has sharpened my interpersonal skills with different cultures. This combination of skills has given me a unique insight into the analysis of market trends and strategies that drive growth in an organization

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Charity Wakunuma

Charity Wakunuma

Growth Hacking Student

Strategy| Brand |Consumer Insight| Marketing Specialist| ICCP Mentor

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