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Welcome to the only program that delivers real growth

It keeps for 5 months and applications open twice per year .


Time to rise

You will undergo an assessment to diagnose your business and give you the real analysis of your growth constraint and levers

Start Learning

Over three months, immerse yourself in a tailored learning journey, refining your business strategies through Masterclasses, Workshops, Group Discussions, and self-paced videos, all geared towards mastering growth hacking and defining your success.

Get Coatched

Enjoy the 1o1 coaching program for the top 20 startups of the program, and be supported to execute your growth strategy to impact your marketing, sales and products KPIs during 2 months.

Real Growth Hacking Accelerator

The Growth Hacking Accelerator, designed by Growth Hacking University and Growthrocks, stands out as a pivotal program for high achievers aspiring to elevate their businesses.

This exclusive 5-month initiative merges comprehensive education with personalized one-to-one coaching, creating a unique learning path for top performers who have excelled with a score above 70% in the provided trainings.
With limited participants, the program offers a rare opportunity to drive innovation and stay ahead of industry trends.

Supported by the esteemed Growthrocks agency and Growth Hacking University, the accelerator becomes a beacon for those seeking a deeper dive into growth strategies.
It not only delivers a curated blend of education but also provides a platform for tailor-made coaching, enabling participants to fine-tune their businesses, understand growth hacking foundations, and define their own success metrics.

The program’s structured timeline, starting with a kick-off event and assessments, followed by three months of learning and skill refinement, and concluding with two months of personalized coaching for the top 20 startups, underscores its significance in propelling businesses to new heights.

Overall, the Growth Hacking Accelerator is a vital platform for high achievers to accelerate their business growth, backed by the expertise and support of Growthrocks agency and Growth Hacking University.

Program Outline

Throughout this Growth Hacking program, we select 20 startups to develop the capacities needed to achieve exponential growth of their Marketing, Sales and Product KPIs. Each Startup will have to participate with a minimum of two members and at least one executive team member must commit to actively participate during the full program. The program will be undertaken in 3 key phases:

Selection Process:

The selection process will capture, evaluate, and understand the start-ups’ challenges and biggest growth levers as well as identify the startups growth level and needs. All these to secure that each startup will get most of the program.

Capacity Development:

A 3-month capacity development of masterclasses, hands-on workshops, and peer group discussions for 20 start-ups in Growth Hacking with practical content, proven tools, and real-world case studies to up-skill the start-up teams and develop a working growth strategy with action steps through.

1-to-1 Coaching:

Coaching of 10 most promising Startups to implement their Growth Strategy and Monitoring the results of the implementation as impacting their sales, marketing, and product KPIs for 2 months.

Your lead Instructors

With decades of experience in Digital and Growth Hacking Marketing, your instructors will introduce you to AI for hospitality and share with you their secrets, techniques, and most effective growth tips.

Theo Moulos

CEO at GrowthRocks

4x exited serial entrepreneur and growth hacker. Working In marketing for 20+ years comes with a series of examples on what to do in many niches and industries

Effie Bersoux

CEO at GrowthGirls

Her in depth-experience as a growth marketer includes consulting as well as building and motivating high-performance marketing teams.

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