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Talk like them

Learn how AI can help you mimic the tone of voice of famous brands. Find out how taking inspiration from others can make your work better. See examples and get a list of 100 fun ideas to try.

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Many times in marketing we say that “we don’t need to reinvent the wheel”.

Or the popular “there is no parthenogenesis in art”.

The best-selling book “Steal Like an Artist” even highlights being able to get ideas from others in a correct, creative, and effective way as a real skill.

AI gives a new dimension to all this.

As a superbrain with an infinite memory of (almost) everything that was ever written, AI can imitate the tone of voice and writing style of authors, poets, well-known characters, and even famous brands.

And this is too good not to use!

Examples you can use in your prompts

  • Apple: Intuitive, stylish, cool, creative.
  • Nike: Motivational, aspirational.
  • Nando’s: Cheeky, playful.
  • Durex: Bold, honest, empowering.
  • Sky Atlantic: Stylish, confident.
  • Chanel: Sophisticated, desirable, premium.

Infographic with 100 characters to define your brand’s tone of voice

And if you want to take it a step further, download the infographic below that gives ideas for 100 different characters you can use! While you’re working on making your content better, don’t miss our “AI Prompts for Content Marketers” guide. It’s a great tool for learning how to use AI to improve your writing. You can find this guide and many other free resources in our free stuff section.

Download the infographic!
Infographic with 100 characters to define your brand's tone of voice while using ChatGPT | Image of Growth Hacking University Blog post " Talk like them".

Image Credit: The Creative Marketer.

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