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AI for Marketers


Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) and stay ahead in the constantly evolving field of content marketing.


Angeliki Fotopoulou -Cuba Travel Vibe Virtuoso at Skydream Travel

I am still excited about what @Theo Moulos and @Effie C Bersoux taught us in the Course.

Theodore Labropoulos -Hotel Tech & Regenerative Economy Enthusiast

@Theo Moulos @Effie C Bersoux, you are amazing! The course was excellent and the examples enlightening!

Sofia Evaggelidou -Content Marketer

@Theo Moulos @Effie C Bersoux, a very interesting course, where the knowledge offered is not limited to theory, but is examined in real-time in its application
Konstantinos Geronikolopopulos

Konstantinos Geronikolopopulos -

In this course, the knowledge of the tools is combined with the strategy needed to achieve the maximum result. As usual, great work from the team at the Growth Hacking University

Petros Katsiotis -

Some things possess immeasurable value such as the valuable knowledge provided by you, @Effie C Bersoux, and @Theo Moulos.

Olga Pitsari -Co Founder & Creative Content Director at BOLDOT

Thank you for all this concise and to-the-point knowledge! Okay, I burned some brain cells at the end, but I am eager to utilize all these tools for content production

Virginia Gkeventze -Digital Marketing Manager @LoopMedia

Thank you for the comprehensive and very well-structured seminar, but also for the time you dedicated to us for questions

Antonis Pappas -Founder & CEO, Imagination Travel

The Content Marketing for AI course, opened-up a ton of new horizons

Minas Kourtis -Marketing Manager

Great work from the team at Growth Hacking University. Concise and to-the-point knowledge

Sofia Argyriadou -Web Developer & Marketing Specialist

The most directly applicable thing I have attended in AI webinars - workshops. And I have attended quite a few... well done to your amazing team.

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What can you achieve as a Digital Marketer using Ai?

You can achieve the ability to effectively integrate Artificial Intelligence into your content marketing strategy, creating compelling and successful content. Whether you’re an experienced marketer or a beginner, the seminar provides practical knowledge and hands-on experience to enhance your content marketing skills and productivity.

As a digital marketer leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can achieve a transformative impact on your strategies and outcomes. The integration of AI equips you with the ability to comprehend the fundamental principles of AI and its diverse applications in content marketing. This knowledge enables the identification of strategic opportunities for incorporating AI tools and techniques into your content marketing strategy. Through AI-driven data analysis, you can create personalized and targeted content, enhancing engagement and relevance for your audience. Furthermore, the optimization of content performance using AI-based SEO tools ensures increased visibility and effectiveness. As you navigate the digital landscape, you’ll be empowered to manage ethical dilemmas arising from AI usage, fostering responsible and transparent marketing practices. Hands-on experience with AI tools and platforms, coupled with the capacity to measure and analyze the impact of AI on the Return on Investment (ROI) of content, positions you at the forefront of the industry. Staying informed about the latest trends and developments in AI and content marketing ensures your strategies remain dynamic and aligned with the evolving digital landscape. Ultimately, as a digital marketer embracing AI, you gain the means to create, refine, and measure campaigns with enhanced precision, relevance, and efficiency.

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Program Details

Here’s what you will learn

Ai for Marketers
  1. Introduction to AI in Content Marketing: This section will delve into the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and its transformative role in content marketing. It will explore how AI technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and data analytics are reshaping content creation, distribution, and optimization. Key trends and case studies demonstrating AI’s impact in the field will be examined.

  2. AI Mindset and Workspace: This topic focuses on establishing the appropriate mindset for leveraging AI in content marketing. It includes understanding the potential and limitations of AI, fostering a culture of innovation, and adapting to a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Additionally, this section will cover the essentials of setting up an AI-friendly workspace, which involves choosing the right tools, platforms, and resources necessary for integrating AI into content marketing workflows.

  3. List of tools to be used, their purpose, and their costs
  4. Understanding AI terminology specific to content marketing generation, SEO, and social media marketing)
  1. Exploring use cases of AI in content marketing
  2. Advanced usage of AI tools and techniques in content marketing
  3. Practical applications of AI in various content marketing domains e.g.
    • Social Media and Content Calendars
    • Presentations
    • Email sequences
    • Blog posts
    • Long Forms
    • Content Repurposing
    • Data Management
    • Content from Datasets

Advanced Usage of AI in Content Marketing: This section will delve into more complex applications of AI in content marketing, exploring how advanced tools and techniques can enhance content creation and distribution. It will include discussions on creating and customizing AI models to suit specific marketing needs, leveraging AI for dynamic content adaptation, and integrating AI with existing marketing tools and platforms.

Creating Your GPT Models for Content Marketing: This topic will focus on the steps and considerations involved in creating custom GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models tailored for content marketing purposes. It will cover the basics of GPT technology, how to train these models with specific data sets, and how to integrate them into marketing workflows to generate unique and engaging content. How to cover cases like:

  • Facilitating onboarding of new employees
  • Using our own data on our sales channels e.g. a chatbot

Integrating ChatGPT with Automation Platforms for Operational Efficiency: This section explores the process of integrating ChatGPT with various automation platforms to streamline daily business operations.

Automating Email Responses with ChatGPT: Focuses on configuring ChatGPT to automatically respond to emails, enhancing efficiency and ensuring timely communication.

Utilizing ChatGPT for Auto-Replying to Social Media Comments: This topic covers the setup of ChatGPT to automatically reply to comments on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, maintaining active engagement with your audience.

Automated Content Posting on LinkedIn Using ChatGPT: Discusses how to employ ChatGPT for scheduling and auto-posting content on LinkedIn, ensuring consistent online presence and engagement.

The goals of the “AI for Marketers” course include:

  •  Understanding the fundamental principles of AI and its applications in content marketing.
  • Identifying opportunities for integrating AI tools and techniques into your content marketing strategy.
  • Creating personalized and targeted content through data analysis using AI.
  • Optimizing content performance through AI-based SEO tools.
  • Comprehending and managing ethical dilemmas arising from AI usage.
  • Gaining practical experience with AI tools and platforms through exercises.
  • Measuring and analyzing the impact of AI on the Return on Investment (ROI) of content.
  • Staying informed about the latest trends and developments in AI and content marketing.

Your lead Instructors

With decades of experience in Digital and Growth Hacking Marketing, your instructors will introduce you to AI for hospitality and share with you their secrets, techniques, and most effective growth tips.

Theo Moulos

CEO at GrowthRocks

Theo created a multi-million network of GH Agencies in just 2 years. Woking In marketing for 20+ years comes with a series of examples on what to do in many niches and industries

Effie Bersoux

CEO at GrowthGirls

Her in depth-experience as a growth marketer includes consulting as well as building and motivating high-performance marketing teams.

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