Konstantinos Choutos

Digital Marketing Strategy


As a marketing management strategist, I formulate marketing plans that steer the vehicle that drives revenue and business growth while ensuring ROI and making a positive impact on consumers, clients, stakeholders and investors. I exhibit passion in my work and I am the person who can orchestrate all phases of marketing by offering market insight, team leadership and strategic decision making.

As the Marketing Manager at Prince Silvero S.A. in Athens Greece, I made contributions by developing new products that significantly impacted the bottom line and drove sales to cross-border nations. I gained significant skills and expertise in managing all aspects of marketing planning including the design of integrated BTL and ATL advertising campaigns, building domestic and international supplier relations to make sure that I reach a win-win agreement, and developing international client networks in countries including Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and the USA.

My core strengths include my ability to:
▸ Formulate innovative marketing strategies
▸ Manage multidisciplinary teams and provide Leadership
▸ Drive business growth
▸ Handle high-pressure decision making
▸ Develop budgets, perform market planning and forecasting
▸ Build Client/Vendor/Stakeholder Relationships
▸ Execute Roll-Out activities / New Product Launches
▸ Apply superior planning & organisation skills to reach objectives

Our instructor's opinion

Very active and making questions always to the point. Having a great theoretical and strategical background is always an asset. I didn’t expect that Konstantinos had a lot to learn from our course and I’m very happy I’ve been proved wrong!

what Konstantinos said about the course

Growth Hacking Academy’s course is an absolutely mind-blowing experience, highlighting the strong connection between marketing and technology nowadays & getting across countless growth marketing strategies.


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Professionals of different backgrounds and industries all having a common characteristic. Their passion for growth.

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