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Lungisani Phiri

Lungisani Phiri

Regional Marketing Manager Atlasmara Zambia
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As an experienced marketing manager, I bring a proven track record of success and the ability to contribute significantly to a company’s growth. My expertise includes overseeing multiple areas, such as branch network management, customer experience, market research, and sponsorship and CSR portfolio management. I excel in maintaining consistent branding across all traditional and online channels, ensuring that the company has a strong presence and voice in the market.
I have the ability to drive customer acquisition and deposit growth across various segments, including Retail, SME, BB, CIB, PS, NFP. I can also lead the digitalization agenda by increasing customer usage of digital channels. In addition, I have experience taking strategic IT projects to market, such as Salary Advance on App, Enhanced Internet Banking, SME App, and Group Saver.
I am skilled at creating mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders and target publics through various traditional media and digital campaigns. My leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills make me an asset to any marketing team. I am confident that I can help your company achieve its marketing goals through product campaigns, development, and implementation

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Lungisani Phiri

Lungisani Phiri

Growth Hacking Student

Regional Marketing Manager Atlasmara Zambia

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