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Email Marketing Course

email marketing - A course by Growth Hacking University and GrowthRocks
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This course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the multifaceted aspects of email marketing. Beginning with an introduction that lays the groundwork for subsequent lessons, the course progresses into the specifics of crafting effective emails, discussing the vital components that constitute the anatomy of successful email content.

It also delves into the mechanics of managing subscriber preferences through opt-in and opt-out strategies, ensuring that list building is done with respect for personal choice and legal compliance.

Further into the curriculum, students explore strategies to avoid spam filters, a critical hurdle for email deliverability. The legal framework governing email marketing is thoroughly examined to ensure that campaigns operate within legal boundaries.

The course also teaches measurement techniques through various email metrics, offering insights into campaign performance.

To cap off the experience, it introduces growth hacks and marketing automation, equipping learners with advanced tools and techniques for scaling their marketing efforts and streamlining their operations for maximum efficiency and impact.