Stavros Zakkas

A creative professional with a great understanding of numbers, visuals, concepts, and all kinds of technical aspects. Becoming a 360 degrees consultant in digital marketing is the way forward and Stavros indeed realized that doing that is his comfort zone.

Alexandros Sklepas

A full-stack developer moving from pure development to SEO optimization. Real proof that a professional should follow the trends and focus on delivering what the market asks and pays for.

Dimitris Chatzigiannopoulos

A knowledgeable and thoughtful professional always asking very valid questions. He is equally low-profile when learning but high profile when selling and pitching. An amazing balance for a perfect account manager

Konstantinos Pavlidis

A solid professional willing always to expand his horizons and cover more requests of his customers. Participated in GHA back in 2017 and now (2021) in SEO Academy. In between, he was applying everything he learned to build and grow a business by himself.

Eleni Petsa

Helen is a hard-working, always-questioning-everything professional. We were getting 10-questions per second but all of them were to the point. Her engagement, engagement, and positiveness were phenomenal.