Class of..

Copywriter @ZAKCRET S.A.
Co-Founder & Digital Content Creator at Red Owl
A solid content marketing professional that has been moved from translation to content and from content to SEO. When someone does such thoughtful strategic business decisions, only the best is yet to come. Congrats and best of luck!
Co-Founder & Digital Content Creator at Red Owl
A solid content marketer and entrepreneur running a very successful content marketing agency. For Vicky, it is clear that when content is the queen, SEO is the kingdom :-) and therefore combining the two is the best she can do.
Full Stack Developer / SEO Expert
A full-stack developer moving from pure development to SEO optimization. Real proof that a professional should follow the trends and focus on delivering what the market asks and pays for.
Marketing Manager
A multi-skilled professional. always willing to expand her knowledge into different topics. I'm sure that the SEO will add up to her professional profile and that very soon she will put everything she learned in action.
Senior Marketer
A knowledgeable and thoughtful professional always asking very valid questions. He is equally low-profile when learning but high profile when selling and pitching. An amazing balance for a perfect account manager
Web Designer & Developer
A solid professional willing always to expand his horizons and cover more requests of his customers. Participated in GHA back in 2017 and now (2021) in SEO Academy. In between, he was applying everything he learned to build and grow a business by himself.
Digital Marketing Manager
A solid professional, absorbing all kinds of knowledge and having the talent to distinguish between the important and the not-so-important elements of everything she listens. Good Judgement and a low profile with zero overhead. The perfect student.
I was calling Yiannis "the voice of Growth Hacking". Always questioning everything, willing for more, and never letting a simple thing pass without getting absorbed. The right mentality to succeed.
Digital Marketing Manager
Always pleasant and questioning everything! She wanted to "kill" us sometimes and to "jump from the window" some other times but she survived the way to growth hacking.
Digital Marketing Strategy
Very active and making questions always to the point. Having a great theoretical and strategical background is always an asset. I didn't expect that Konstantinos had a lot to learn from our course and I'm very happy I've been proved wrong!
Owner / Web Developer at OSMIUM WEB SOLUTIONS
A web developer and successful entrepreneur that was spending his afternoons with us for expanding his knowledge into growth hacking and search-engine optimization. A professional challenging everything and asking all the good questions.
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