The art of Advanced Web Analytics. Give yourself the chance to learn from the experts in this field everything you don’t know about your website.

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What can you achieve with Advanced Web Analytics?

Your website, your main asset and marketing tool. Your website is what the visitors will see before signing-up, experiencing your product or getting in love with your brand!
Analysing the behaviour of the users on your website will give you priceless insights of what you need to fix, how they see your brand and if they indeed consumed the information you wanted them to consume.
And yet, there are at least 15 vital-for-your-business topics you don’t know about your website

In this course you’ll learn:

  • What is the important information you don’t know on how visitors are behaving on your website
  • What’s your conversion funnels and how to build them
  • How to keep the information of the user before and after becoming known
  • How to check the performance of your engagement points and your menu(s)
  • How to implement everything using advanced tools like Google Tag Manager for your data collection and Mix Panel or Google Data Studio for data visualization

You believe implementing analytics is enough to get your visitors valuable insights? Well, no!

Program Details

Here’s what you will learn

Web Analytics

In advanced analytics and in analytics in general, data sources play the most important role. We will analyse the MarTech you need to implement, how to integrate it with your CMS what is a CDP solution and if you need one.

We will go through all details to learn what you need to capture, how you will manage to do so using the CMS you have and how to trigger events in GTM for analysing:

  • Performance of searches
  • Form Submissions
  • Funnels and conversion rate
  • Menu Performance
  • UX Flaws
  • User retention and compelling event users come back
  • Full consolidated user journey including the period where the user was unknown and also known afterward

We will go through the important dashboards you need to build, creating custom fields and presenting information in a way that will help you to get into actionable items.

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9h Program

Remote or Physical
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