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How to build a sales machine


The art of building a Sales Machine.  You’ll learn how to build and train SDRs, create sales scripts and outreach campaigns that work, how to perform the prospecting function and how to follow up your leads till the moment that they will close the deal.


Angeliki Fotopoulou -Cuba Travel Vibe Virtuoso at Skydream Travel

I am still excited about what @Theo Moulos and @Effie C Bersoux taught us in the Course.

Theodore Labropoulos -Hotel Tech & Regenerative Economy Enthusiast

@Theo Moulos @Effie C Bersoux, you are amazing! The course was excellent and the examples enlightening!

Sofia Evaggelidou -Content Marketer

@Theo Moulos @Effie C Bersoux, a very interesting course, where the knowledge offered is not limited to theory, but is examined in real-time in its application
Konstantinos Geronikolopopulos

Konstantinos Geronikolopopulos -

In this course, the knowledge of the tools is combined with the strategy needed to achieve the maximum result. As usual, great work from the team at the Growth Hacking University

Petros Katsiotis -

Some things possess immeasurable value such as the valuable knowledge provided by you, @Effie C Bersoux, and @Theo Moulos.

Olga Pitsari -Co Founder & Creative Content Director at BOLDOT

Thank you for all this concise and to-the-point knowledge! Okay, I burned some brain cells at the end, but I am eager to utilize all these tools for content production

Virginia Gkeventze -Digital Marketing Manager @LoopMedia

Thank you for the comprehensive and very well-structured seminar, but also for the time you dedicated to us for questions

Antonis Pappas -Founder & CEO, Imagination Travel

The Content Marketing for AI course, opened-up a ton of new horizons

Minas Kourtis -Marketing Manager

Great work from the team at Growth Hacking University. Concise and to-the-point knowledge

Sofia Argyriadou -Web Developer & Marketing Specialist

The most directly applicable thing I have attended in AI webinars - workshops. And I have attended quite a few... well done to your amazing team.

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Sales Machine

What can you achieve by Building a Sales Machine?

Do they handle inbound or outbound prospecting? What’s the difference between an SDR and BDR? If you’re looking to hire salespeople, or in the process of building an effective sales strategy, you would have come across the term sales development representatives (SDRs). But, that would leave you with a ton of questions we will answer in this course

In this course you’ll learn:

  • About SDRs why you need them and when (in which stage of the company) you will need an SDR team
  • About the tools for SDRs, and how you build email or communication sequences that will convert
  • How you will manage to qualify leads and pass them to the account executives to close the deal
  • How you will motivate SDRs to reach out to new leads, qualify them and push them further down the sales funnel.

Building a sales machine requires: Preparation (prospecting), Qualification and Closing

Program Details

Here’s what you will learn

Building a Sales Machine
  • What is Value Selling? exercise with questions
  • Who is a Value Seller ?
  • How to Sell for Value? exercise with questions
  • SDR’s must do’s

Inbound leads

  • Before the call exercise with questions
  • During the call exercise with questions
  • After the call

Outbound leads

  • What is your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) *exercise with questions
  • What tools you need for OB
  • How to approach your OB ICP lead
  • How to qualify your OB ICP Lead
  • How to respond to the different feedback you get from OB leads (not interested, interested, maybe in the future)
  • Introduction to Outreach for next lessons
  • What is a OR sequence
  • IB leads vs OB leads OR sequences
  • What are the different types of OR sequences you should build and what is their use
  • What should be included in an effective OR sequence
  • What are the step types in an effective OR sequence
  • How many steps an effective OR sequence should have
  • Build an OR sequence based on different recipients
  • Build an OR sequence based on different events
  • How to interpret OR alerts and next steps
  • When an OR sequence is not the right tool
  • When you should pause/stop and OR sequence even if is not finished nor replied and what you should do instead

The goals of “How to Build a Sales Machine” course include:

  • Gain insights into the importance of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and determine the stages of a company where an SDR team is needed.
  • Learn about the essential tools for SDRs and acquire the skills to construct effective email and communication sequences that result in conversions.
  • Develop the ability to qualify leads and efficiently pass them on to account executives for successful deal closures.
  • Explore strategies for motivating SDRs to proactively engage with new leads, qualify them, and drive them through the sales funnel.
  • Understand the concept of Value Selling through exercises and questions, identifying who a Value Seller is and how to sell for value.
  • Navigate the process of handling inbound leads, including preparation before calls, activities during calls, and post-call actions.
  • Delve into the world of Outbound (OB) leads, identifying the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), necessary tools, and methods for approaching, qualifying, and responding to different feedback from OB leads.
  • Learn the intricacies of Outreach (OR) sequences, including types based on lead origin, steps in an effective sequence, and how to interpret alerts for appropriate next steps. Understand when to pause or stop an OR sequence and alternative actions to take.

Your lead Instructors

With decades of experience in Digital and Growth Hacking Marketing, your instructors will introduce you to AI for hospitality and share with you their secrets, techniques, and most effective growth tips.

Theo Moulos

CEO at GrowthRocks

Theo created a multi-million network of GH Agencies in just 2 years. Woking In marketing for 20+ years comes with a series of examples on what to do in many niches and industries

Effie Bersoux

CEO at GrowthGirls

Her in depth-experience as a growth marketer includes consulting as well as building and motivating high-performance marketing teams.

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