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The art of creating a product that users want. Create a self-service product and develop a procedure that product gets better and better in a self-service manner. It’s not AI, it’s PLG (Product-Led Growth)


Angeliki Fotopoulou -Cuba Travel Vibe Virtuoso at Skydream Travel

I am still excited about what @Theo Moulos and @Effie C Bersoux taught us in the Course.

Theodore Labropoulos -Hotel Tech & Regenerative Economy Enthusiast

@Theo Moulos @Effie C Bersoux, you are amazing! The course was excellent and the examples enlightening!

Sofia Evaggelidou -Content Marketer

@Theo Moulos @Effie C Bersoux, a very interesting course, where the knowledge offered is not limited to theory, but is examined in real-time in its application
Konstantinos Geronikolopopulos

Konstantinos Geronikolopopulos -

In this course, the knowledge of the tools is combined with the strategy needed to achieve the maximum result. As usual, great work from the team at the Growth Hacking University

Petros Katsiotis -

Some things possess immeasurable value such as the valuable knowledge provided by you, @Effie C Bersoux, and @Theo Moulos.

Olga Pitsari -Co Founder & Creative Content Director at BOLDOT

Thank you for all this concise and to-the-point knowledge! Okay, I burned some brain cells at the end, but I am eager to utilize all these tools for content production

Virginia Gkeventze -Digital Marketing Manager @LoopMedia

Thank you for the comprehensive and very well-structured seminar, but also for the time you dedicated to us for questions

Antonis Pappas -Founder & CEO, Imagination Travel

The Content Marketing for AI course, opened-up a ton of new horizons

Minas Kourtis -Marketing Manager

Great work from the team at Growth Hacking University. Concise and to-the-point knowledge

Sofia Argyriadou -Web Developer & Marketing Specialist

The most directly applicable thing I have attended in AI webinars - workshops. And I have attended quite a few... well done to your amazing team.

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Product Led Growth

What can you achieve as a Product-led Growth Specialist?

The art of creating digital products without reinventing the wheel, redeveloping them again and again. How to create products with the ability to learn from users using them, and tweak/calibrate/decide on the new features you need to develop.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The ingredients of a product that will be developed once (tech and features). 
  • The MarTech that you need to incorporate in order to collect valuable insights from your users. 
  • Data governance and ways to deal with legislations such as CCPA and GDPR. 
  • How to build a team that will create a self-calibrating product. 
  • How to move from MVP v 0.1 to version 18989. 
  • How to analyze product insights and get to conclusions. 
  • How to build your product conversion funnels. 

Most digital products go live in their third development cycle, which means they have absorbed financial resources intended for promotion.

Program Details

Here’s what you will learn

Product-led Growth Specialist

In this session, we will discuss about building a growth recipe, deciding the important North Star metrics, supporting KPI, and start building the proper tactics to achieve them.

Building a product isn’t anymore about asking a bunch of engineers to develop a product. It is more about admitting that the initial product will not fit the market and will have to be tweaked or pivoted to get into the growth stage. So the real question is: how do I build a product having that in mind? What is the tech stack I need to use, what information do I need to collect and what modules do I need to develop? In this session, you will learn what characteristics your MVP should have. Not features but characteristics!

In these sessions, you will learn all about the MarTech technology needed. From adopting a CDP platform to a customer experience platform and how to integrate a subscription system with your CRM, invoicing, or investment system. We will also analyze the specific needs you would require while building a global digital product such as Different VAT legislations per state or country, downgrades/upgrades, different currencies and different data privacy laws. All of the above will help you to build a product that has a significant chance in the global arena.

In this session, you will learn about selecting the proper CDP platform for product reporting and data governance. We will also go through the acquisition and activation funnels.

The goals of “Product Led Growth” course include:

  • Master the principles of Product-Led Growth (PLG) for user acquisition, activation, and retention through the product itself.
  • Transform teams into integrated growth squads for effective implementation of the PLG approach.
  • Develop expertise in creating and improving self-service digital products based on user feedback.
  • Understand the key ingredients for building a tech-savvy product, including MarTech tools and compliance with data governance laws.
  • Acquire skills in team building, iterative product development, product analysis, and establishing growth metrics.

Your lead Instructors

With decades of experience in Digital and Growth Hacking Marketing, your instructors will introduce you to AI for hospitality and share with you their secrets, techniques, and most effective growth tips.

Theo Moulos

CEO at GrowthRocks

Theo created a multi-million network of GH Agencies in just 2 years. Woking In marketing for 20+ years comes with a series of examples on what to do in many niches and industries

Effie Bersoux

CEO at GrowthGirls

Her in depth-experience as a growth marketer includes consulting as well as building and motivating high-performance marketing teams.

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