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We will slowly start reintroducing in-person classes in various countries

Traditionally, our courses thrived in an in-class environment, conducted in select countries and time zones. These classes, accommodating 5-15 persons, were meticulously scheduled, allowing participants to conveniently commute to the class locations. This intimate setting fostered a collaborative and interactive learning experience, essential for mastering the nuances of growth hacking.

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After months of preparation, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Growth Hacking Accelerator in Africa, exclusively designed for pan-Zaharan startups and entrepreneurs.
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Such a wonderful cohort. Thanks @zambiainstituteofmarketingzim for hosting our digital diploma #daretogrow #growthmarketing
Thanks a lot for considering me #CEOMonthly. 

In fact, I don’t like 'influencing' people and I don’t consider myself an “influencer”. What I care about is leaving behind something of value for the new generations and making a positive impact to my family, my students and my customers.

As a 'young' entrepreneur, although not a very young professional, it took me 6 years to create a phenomenally profitable services business, to exit 3 companies and to set a solid foundation for new upcoming successes.

6 years of working around the clock and traveling the world during which I made all possible mistakes: from sacrificing my hands-on involvement for the sake of business development to trusting all the wrong kinds of people. 

Btw, I’m about to publish an article on these valuable insights for other young entrepreneurs to avoid doing the same mistakes. 

The last 3 years we learned from those insights and we made a huge turnaround.

My co-founder Effie Chatzigiannopoulou- Bersoux  and I we share the same values: respect to others, responsibility, ethos, passion and laser focus on results. 

CEO Monthly is proud to name Theodoros Moulos from GrowthRocks as one of our Most Influential CEO, 2022 - the United Kingdom! Use the link to to uncover some of the secrets of Theodore’s incredible success. 


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A book I suggest. AI-based automations in manufacturing have a lot in common with marketing automations. They both have purpose, stages and they need to be intelligent. This book inspired me to start writing about a topic I keep spending 16h per day with. Stay tuned... #daretogrow #growthmarketing #ilovemyjob