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Get trained by professionals with a proven track record. Our motto is: “Those who can, do it. And then they teach it”

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Receive the training at your premises or online. The schedule is flexible and customized according to your team’s needs.

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Gain access to the most in-demand career fields.

Why choose us to expand your team’s growth marketing skills?

This enterprise-level training program is for employees of all kinds of responsibilities. By the end of the course, your team will have acquired new skills and knowledge about the latest tools. They will be able to refine their existing competencies. And most of all, they will become an active part of your company’s growth.  We are world-class Growth Hackers and innovators that love to share their expertise. We are proud to have won the trust of some of the world’s most popular startups and big organizations. Our deep technical, creative, and marketing skills are matched with our passion for our customers’ success. Our will to share our knowledge verifies that your employees will get “real value” and not theoretical fluffs. Our trainers are experienced in running workshops and hackathons for companies around the world. They are also guest lecturers in executive MBA courses, including NYU. One of the most important aspects of this program is its highly modifiable nature. Let’s create a custom-made training program for your team. The content and duration will be adjusted to cater to your team’s specific needs. One of our greatest qualities is our highly modifiable nature.
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in-class vs. in-house

In the realm of corporate training, particularly for mastering digital marketing and scaling user or customer bases, the decision between in-class and in-house programs presents a pivotal choice, each with its unique advantages. In-class training, conducted in settings accommodating 3-20 participants, offers a diverse learning environment, often enriched by the varied perspectives and experiences of attendees from different organizations. 

This setup, which can be remote, physical, or a combination, encourages networking and exposes participants to a broader range of industry insights over an intensive 2-3 day period. On the other hand, in-house training, tailored to a company’s specific needs, provides a more focused and customized educational experience. 

Suitable for groups of 3-15, this option allows for a deeper alignment of the training content with the company’s specific goals and challenges. Conducted on the company’s premises or through a hybrid model, in-house training offers the flexibility to fit into the participants’ schedules, ensuring minimal disruption to their work. 

Both in-class and in-house trainings are designed to elevate the skills and knowledge of employees across various roles, ultimately contributing to the company’s growth trajectory. The choice between them hinges on the desired balance between tailored content specific to the company’s immediate needs and the enriching experience of external, diverse insights

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Ήξερες ότι μπορείς να έχεις κάποιον να σου θυμίζει ότι ειπώθηκε στο προηγούμενο meeting 1 ώρα πριν αρχίσει το zoom call?

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Today’s session explores the application of artificial intelligence tools within the Hospitality Industry.

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After months of preparation, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Growth Hacking Accelerator in Africa, exclusively designed for pan-Zaharan startups and entrepreneurs.
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Such a wonderful cohort. Thanks @zambiainstituteofmarketingzim for hosting our digital diploma #daretogrow #growthmarketing
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